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Some Cactus residents asked to boil water after wastewater spill

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Cactus city officials have been notified after an estimated 900,000 gallons of wastewater was discharged into the dry creek bed of Palo Duro Creek.

Between 12:01 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. Tuesday morning, wastewater spilled from the collection system just east of the treatment plant located at 125 South Highway 27.

The spill then flowed into the Palo Duro Creek and was there blocked and contained. 

Officials then installed pumps to return the wastewater back to the collection system. 

Officials say the public should avoid contact with any soil or water that could have been affected by the spill. If you do come in contact with affected soil or water, you are advised to bathe and wash clothes as soon as possible. 

The City of Cactus will increase the monitoring of the water supply system. 

If you use private drinking water supply wells that are located within half a mile of the spill site, you are advised to only use distilled water or water that has been boiled. 

You are also advised to have your well water tested and disinfected. 

If you have any questions regarding the safety of your water, call the Water Department at (806) 966-5458.

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