Our Perspective on Hurricane Harvey

Our Perspective on Hurricane Harvey

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - South Texas has been hit hard by Hurricane Harvey and it impacts us here.

Most people aren't watching the clock down south as they try to cope with soggy remnants of what was Hurricane Harvey.

Everyone from first responders, to the Cajun Navy, to just average Joe volunteers are out working in an epic response to an epic storm and have been for days and nights.

Here at home, we're in the mix too with Amarillo firefighters and police on the ground or on the way, as well as folks from the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

Some are staying here but collecting aid for people and even displaced pets.

As the rain keeps up, levees fail and bridges collapse, the people offering rescues and shelter need information and members of the media continue what they have done non-stop since before the storm came onshore Friday night.

Their work has been going on despite the challenges including the evacuation of the Houston CBS television affiliate.

There isn't really an end in sight because when the storm moves away from the coast, there will still be the recovery.

Our perspective is this exhausting effort on everyone's part and the suffering of the victims is something we shouldn't forget, and we're thankful for the volunteers, first responders and the media that is in the middle of it so we can't forget.

What's your perspective?

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