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Local citizens and organizations aid in Harvey relief


As Hurricane Harvey continues to wreak havoc on the gulf, here in the Panhandle, organizations and citizens are lending a helping hand.

"This community is really good about coming together in a crisis of any kind," said local resident Christy Reyes. "Whether it be here, Texas, even when it's anywhere."

Reyes says she couldn't just sit back and watch, and she plans to leave for Houston tonight to help aid those in need.

"So far, the plan is to get a boat. They're only letting people in with boats, so we have to find a boat we had a couple people back out," said Reyes. "There's people that don't have running water, so they need water. Kids who needs diapers, they need just basic needs that we're trying to get in."

 While most people are looking to help, non-profits like the Salvation Army and American Red Cross say monetary donations will make the quickest impact.

"It's much easier if we can get financial donations and we can buy in bulk what we need to expedite the services that we are rendering to people." said Major Harvey Johnson with the Salvation Army. 

"Transportation is already an issue, so a lot of us especially Red Cross the financial donation allows us to accomplish our mission locally and they can coordinate the purchasing of items and donation of items locally." said Kiley Murray. 

The Salvation Army here in Amarillo has sent their mobile disaster unit, which acts as a kitchen and location for emotional and spiritual care.

"That vehicle is with about 40 others that are stationed in San Antonio waiting for the opportunity for the floods to recede so that they can move and do the work that they've gone in to do and help the folks." said 

For some, this disaster has proven that love conquers all.

"As bad as it is, I think that's God's way of telling people, 'hey, get it together love each other, and help one another," said Reyes. "That's just the best way he knows how to do it." 

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