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Canyon ISD hosts district wide safety day

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At Canyon Junior High School, teaching safety is just as important as any lesson plan.

"Today's safety day all across the district, and so what we do is we stress teaching all of our safety procedures all week long," said Principal Kirk Kear.

The goal for practicing and teaching safety is to ensure everyone remains calm.

"Our parents and community, I think they know we take safety very seriously and that we are maintaining safety for the students," said Principal Kear.

Eighth grader Bronson Kwaku says he was impressed by his teacher's attention to detail. 

"I think it went good because I slipped out as I was told to and the teacher noticed and wrote it down," said Kwaku.

The staff worked together to evacuate 640 students in the span of two minutes and Bronson says he appreciates all of the preparation.

"I prefer to have the practice like twice the year over something that we might not have to do, than have no practice and when the time comes if there is a fire, have no training and not know what to do," said Kwaku. 

Along with evacuation drills, the school worked on what to do in the scenario of an active shooter.

"With all of the heightened awareness in the country, it's about where's that threat, it's inside the building, could be an active shooter," said Principal Kear, "So locked down is locks, lights, out of sight. We want to make sure everything secure, the lights are off, and we're out of sight."  

 "If I had to rate it out of a 10, I'd give it a 15," said Kwaku.

Canyon ISD will have safety day at the start of each semester and plans to continue to exceed expectations.

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