Local parents use daughter's legacy to spread Random Acts of Kindness

Local parents use daughter's legacy to spread Random Acts of Kindness

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Members of an Amarillo family who lost their baby girl last year are using their daughter's legacy to spread kindness.

On August 25th, 2016 the Gollihughs gave birth to a baby girl.

Her name was Ansley, and tomorrow would have been her first birthday.

"We kind of knew our road would be different then other people's roads," said mother Amber Gollihugh.

Ansley died from an extremely rare condition, which affects .01 percent of the population. Ansley's chromosomes had trans-located, meaning they had switched places.

Dr. Mariada George, who works at Panhandle Pediatrics, explained how this can happen to a baby's chromosomes.

"Occasionally there are very key areas that get moved, or changed, or shortened, and then it affects how the body is made or how the body functions," said Dr. George.

Despite her rare condition, Ansley's parents described her as full of life.

"Just knowing her feisty personality, we think she knew she only had a few months with us," said Gollihugh.

Which is why they want to celebrate her memory in a very special way.

"As hard as this day is for us, we wanted to make sure people could do things to honor her in a way that was beautiful and a way that truly was her personality."

This is why they created Acts of Kindness Cards.

"There is nobody like Ansley in the world, so we wanted to do something unique for her birthday," said Gollihugh.

The cards are to give to one another after doing a good deed.

After someone does something kind, they pass on the card to honor her memory.

If you are interested in participating in Random Acts of Kindness, click here.

The cards are free and can be sent by mail.

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