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Dalhart Intermediate school welcomes 3rd graders

Dalhart Intermediate campus welcomes 3rd graders

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

Starting this school year, Dalhart 3rd graders walked down the halls of the Dalhart Intermediate campus for the first time.

Last May, the school district decided to move the students into this campus.

Dalhart ISD has seen a steady growth, which has over-populated the elementary campus.

Principals from both schools say this change was not an overnight decision and took many meetings and conversations with parents.

Last year, the elementary school had over 600 students while the intermediate school had around 250 students.

"We are at about 400 students and elementary has about 470 students, so this did help even up the enrollment numbers," Intermediate Principal Misty Heiskell said. "This allows us to better focus our resources, time and curriculum on an equal number of students."

Before this move, traffic was a concern for the elementary campus.

To help with the traffic, multiple drop off and pick up locations were in place, but even then continued to raise safety concerns and issues.

"Now with the numbers we have, we are able to get everybody picked up and dropped off in the same area," Elementary Principal Claudia Montoya said. "This is much safer for our kids, and we are there to make sure they are coming and going safely."

Montoya says she misses seeing her 3rd graders, but this change has had a positive impact on her campus.

Having fewer students also benefits teachers who teach extra circular like P.E and music courses.

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