Heal the City launches campaign to expand program reach

Heal the City launches campaign to expand program reach
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Heal the City free health clinic is starting a fundraising campaign to make major updates to its facilities in order to serve more people in need in Amarillo.

The organization has grown so fast in its three years that its directors are looking at expansion and upgrades to help more people in more ways than ever before.

"Heal the City is a great example of the panhandle people taking care of the people of the panhandle," said founder Dr. Alan Keister.

What started in a small house and is now located in a 20,000 square foot space, Heal the City has helped thousands of poor or uninsured Amarillo residents get the medical care they need, like Anna Novello.

"The kindness I was shown, I will never forget," she said. "And it's been two months and I still get choked up just thinking about it."

Now to reach even more people, Heal the City is hoping to raise $5 million for improvements to its new facility and more accessibility to people who need help.

"Having rooms with walls and doors and having that privacy really feeds in to that dignity and respect piece," said Keister. "But also having it to where we can have it open more days of the week, and we intend to have it open at least four days a week."

The clinic is only open once a week right now, and expanding hours and staff will make this medical care more easily available to those who need it.

There are also plans to add a child care center, wellness center with dietitians and work out classes, and chronic care unit where people can make appointments ahead of time instead of having to wait hours in line.

"That idea of pouring on the education and encouraging people to engage in their healthcare."

Heal the City has already met about half of its $5 million goal and has begun construction on part of its facility.

Anyone willing or able to donate can do so here.

But they said they need more than just money.

"We would ask that you pray because this is a true ministry," said Board Chairman Steve Rogers. "We believe we're doing the lords work."

Heal the city expects its first phase of construction on the chronic care unit to be completed and open to patients by January 2018.

They are enrolling some people into that program now.

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