Xcel Energy files to raise base rates

Xcel Energy files to raise base rates

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Xcel Energy has submitted a rate review to Texas regulators that could increase retail bills by almost 14%.

The filing requests an adjustment to prices in 2018 that will incorporate the $758 million in electric infrastructure upgrades since 2016. Those upgrades include new power lines, substations and upgrades to existing power plants.

Another reason for the request was the costs related to delivering energy from existing power plants as opposed to wholesale energy contracts with regional co-ops.

In documents filed at the Public Utility Commission of Texas, Xcel Energy requested an increase in non-fuel base rates that will support these long term investments in power grid capabilities and power plant capacity.

If approved, the change would be effective in 2018.

Customer bills would vary by class, but the average impact across all customers would be about 7.1%. However, residential customers would see a higher increase, of about 13.9%.

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