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Senator Ted Cruz visits Amarillo; talks about small business

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U.S. Senator Ted Cruz visited Amarillo in an effort to see what small business in West Texas go through on a daily basis.

Senator Cruz stopped by Sage Oil Vac in Amarillo, which was just one small business he visited during a tour around West Texas.

The Senator believes small businesses are important to the state, and hopes he can help push legislation in Washington to help ensure their growth. 

"We want jobs, opportunity. Obamacare is killing small businesses," said Cruz. "We got to honor our promise to repeal Obamacare, and I'm convinced we're going to do so."

Senator Cruz says his push to replace Obamacare stems from wanting to lift big government off the backs of small businesses. The Senator said the healthcare bill is just one issue.

If a business exceeds 50 employees, they are moved into a different healthcare bracket which ends up costing the employer. He believes repealing and replacing Obamacare will help ease that burden.

"In Texas we love our constitutional rights, and in Texas the number one priority in our state is jobs and economic growth up here in the Panhandle," said Cruz. "The key to getting that done is lifting the burden of  Washington off of small business; off farmers and ranchers and job creators. We do that through tax reform, regulatory reform, repealing Obamacare. That is my focus."
Sage Oil Vac CEO Aaron Sage says it was astounding to have the Senator visit their factory. The company didn't reach out to Senator Cruz, they say he approached them. Sage thinks his employees felt honored.  

"I think for our employees, it was a great experience," said Sage. "Because they were able to ask him face-to-face and hear someone across the table exactly how he felt about those issues."

Sage believes the senator understands what his company needs to succeed.

"What we told him today, he's heard all throughout our state," said Sage. "And I really do believe that he understands how what they're doing in Washington, what's not being done, and what they're trying to do, will filter down to these small businesses in Texas."

Senator Cruz said he valued his time at Sage Oil Vac and appreciates what it symbolizes.

"It's an incredible small business that is growing, that is providing opportunity and is an example of what Texas does best," said Cruz.  

The Senator said he truly cherished his time in Amarillo.

"And I will say I'm grateful to be back in Amarillo with such good, wonderful, freedom-loving patriots," said Cruz.

Senator Cruz also visited Allison, Katy and Lubbock during his trip.

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