Here's an easy guide for making your own eclipse pinhole viewer

Here's an easy guide for making your own eclipse pinhole viewer

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The total solar eclipse is quickly approaching, and as you get prepared to view the rare event, you need to make sure you correctly protect your eyes with either eclipse safety glasses or a pinhole viewer.

Sunglasses won't protect your eyes well enough. To make sure you don't permanently damage your eyesight, you need to get special eclipse glasses that say ISO on them.

If they aren't ISO-certified they still might hurt your eyes while viewing the eclipse.

If you can't get a pair of safety glasses, you can also make a pinhole viewer.

This is especially great for kids to use since they won't ever have to look at the sun and risk hurting their eyes.

Luckily, Mandi Ried from the Don Harrington Discovery Center taught us a simple way to make a pinhole viewer.

Here's what you need:

  • Pieces of thick paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • A pin or paperclip

1. Cut a small square in the center of the paper.

2. Cover the square hole with aluminum foil

3. Poke a pin size hole in the center of the foil

4. When viewing the eclipse, hold your viewer in front of you with the sun shining through the hole. The sunlight It will then reflect the sun onto the ground below.

You can also put a piece of white paper on the ground so you can see the reflection more clearly.

Pinhole viewers can be made in minutes and are a fun activity to make as a family.

The eclipse is going to be a great event to witness, but it is not worth hurting your eyes over, so make sure to protect your eyes.

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