Class is back in session for Amarillo & Canyon ISD

Class is back in session for Amarillo & Canyon ISD
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Class is back in session for most schools in Amarillo ISD and Canyon ISD.

Many students returned to class after an enjoyable summer break. NewsChannel 10 got the chance to spend the morning with the Parrish family and see how they are getting back into the school groove.

Mom Holly and dad Steve prepared meals, while daughter Zoe and son Jett picked out their first day of school outfits. Zoe is starting eighth grade while Jett is starting fourth.

Waking up may be the hardest part of summer ending. At a time where students are use to staying up late and sleeping in past noon, having to get up earlier to make it to school on time can be tough.

A few tips to help get kids back to a normal routine can include:

  • Ease back into the bedtime by starting before the start of school
  • Healthy food choices can help with sleep
  • Keep the routine

Schools have a dress code that needs to be followed in order to ensure student success. Administrators want to make sure that students are not distracted or negatively influenced by clothing.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when helping you kids pick out an outfit:

  • Clothing must be in good condition
  • No gang or or profane references
  • All clothes must be appropriate length
  • No muscle tees, no spaghetti straps for girls
  • No pajamas
  • Hair is to be neat, well-groomed

With school back in sessions, remember to watch out for increased traffic in schools zones. Some areas are experiencing construction as well, so make sure to give yourself ample time to get to school and drop your kids of safely.

A few laws to always follow in order to be a more safe on the road:

  • Be alert, there are more children and general activity in school zones
  • Speed limit in ALL school zones is 20 mph
  • Using a cell phone in any school zone can result in a fine of $200
  • Watch out for school buses, passing a stopped bus with flashing red signals carries a minimum $500

NewsChannel 10 wishes all kids an enjoyable and productive school year.

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