Residents in Turkey recovering after severe storms

Residents in Turkey recovering after severe storms

TURKEY (KFDA) - The cleanup effort is underway in Turkey today after a severe storm came in last night bringing pounding rains and even heavier winds.

Residents say a powerful burst of wind tore through town from the northeast to the southeast.

Pastor Stewart Smith says he tried his best to prepare, but his son's car got smashed. He says in spite of the damage, the community is coming together.

"All through town there seems to be an area where it was more severe," said Smith. "Community is coming together and we're working on cleaning it up."

The strong winds also damaged Hall County Sheriff Tom Heck's house tearing off most of the roof.  He even found a tire from the Peanut House tossed into his yard.

Other businesses also lost power and took damage.

A small restaurant dedicated to American country music singer and fiddler Bob Wills was severely damaged. Many residents say it'll probably have to be taken down and are sad to see it go.

Edward Zamora says he was driving into town when his mom called saying her roof collapsed.

"I got a big old wind and I come back into town and I see all this debris, and then she calls me and says come get me out of the house," said Zamora. "My roof just caved in."

Zamora says he immediately rushed over where the strong winds were still blowing.

"I was about two blocks away and I come over and took her and my brother out the house," said Zamora. "But it wasn't over yet, it was still really windy."

Zamora says he will start to rebuild his mom's house, but without home insurance it'll be a challenge.

"It's kinda hard to say. Poor people can't afford home insurance, you know," said Zamora. "Just start from scratch and do a little bit by little."

Smith says the whole community is pitching in to make sure the town gets put back together.

"Just thankful for a good community and people working together to make things right," said Smith. "We're like family. I think it's a neat thing you see really in hardships. Thankful for that."

Residents will continue their effort to clean up through tomorrow. They say they're all just lucky no one was hurt.

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