Clovis unveils master water assurance plan

Clovis unveils master water assurance plan
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CLOVIS, N.M. (KFDA) - The city of Clovis has unveiled a new plan in effort to conserve groundwater and find an alternative source.

"This meeting is really a launching point for us. It's to get out for the first time something that we've been working on diligently so the community can to hear it."

Back in January, the City of Clovis Water Policy Advisory Committee commissioned a group to find a new water supply for the city.

The main mission of the Master Water Assurance Plan was to eliminate Clovis' reliance on groundwater usage by 37 percent while simultaneously creating a revenue stream for future water resources.

City commissioner and head of the water planning task force Ladona Clayton says the plan will prepare the city for decades to come.

"And they all have to work in tandem these five plans. In order to arrive at our destination of being sure we have a sustainable water supply here in Clovis," said Clayton. "We're trying to lay out a plan that does that for 40-60 years. We believe our plan will accomplish that, just by an example of what we are trying to do with ground water."

The plan is spread out over a five-step process:

  • Effluent water re-use
  • Storing water
  • Playa lake restoration
  • Conservation
  • Use of the Ute Reservoir.

Clayton hopes the plan is embraced by residents.

"I'm hoping for a positive one at first," said Clayton. "The complexity of the plan and the magnitude of the work ahead might come as a wow factor, as a little bit of shock."

The city partnered with geologists at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology to develop a plan.

Clovis City Commissioner Chris Bryant says the effort will be a non-stop process by all involved.

"We're continuing to work on the re-use program, and that's gonna save a lot of water," said Bryant. "But we're always worried about conservation and are thinking about conservation as we move ahead and move forward with a lot of these projects"

Bryant says he wants residents to know they should not be worried about the city running out of water because the water assurance plan is just an effort to think ahead for the future.

"I just want to reassure the public that we are continuing to look at ways to preserve our ground water and provide sustainable water to our community," said Bryant.

The meeting is just the first of four planned to gather public opinion.

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