Our Perspective on traffic & construction in Amarillo

Our Perspective on traffic & construction in Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - This week is a follow-up to a highly talked about topic from last week. Traffic and construction seems to be a hot topic of discussion and opinion.

Our road construction topic last week excited many comments in four main areas: frustration from drivers, frustration from businesses, compassion for the contractors and disagreement that I was off-base and many projects are being finished.

Here are a few comments in summary:

  • MS says: Totally Agree... Finish one project before starting a new one... Seems like projects are worked on Part-time.
  • LK says: Close all intersections on I-40 and reroute to north Loop 335. Get I-40 finished fast...
  • Business owner writes: This is ridiculous, who makes these decisions, they are killing business because people cannot get to us...
  • KM writes: I've worked road construction: Most contractors leas equipment...have to wait for inspections...and keep their employees busy by jumping one project to another while things line up...
  • BP says: Focus and Finish

There is a desire to understand the construction process and timelines.

In efforts to communicate more of this, we requested TXDOT send us a project timeline of all projects being performed in Amarillo:

This week's Perspective is that while construction is frustrating and it disrupts traffic, we must continue to go and do what we need to do in a safe manner and not let this frustration get the best of us.

Explore a new route while you take kids places, go to work and even go shopping at your favorite stores.

If you agree or disagree with the comments or have input for us to consider, please share your perspective.

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