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Pampa businesses and facilities start to recover from storm

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Businesses and other facilities in Pampa are recovering after a storm tore through parts of the town over the weekend.

"For us and the school district, the most of our damage was done out at our junior high campus," said Director of Operations for Pampa Independent School District Heath Parker.

Most residents are still trying to evaluate the damage left behind from the storm. Parker says the exterior grounds of all schools saw some damage, but the damage at Pampa Junior High was the most extensive. However, Parker says no interior structures were damaged.

"There were no windows broken, nothing ripped off of a roof," said Parker. "It was really a blessing and remarkable for the school district. The damage that we have, although we are having to deal with it, it could have been so much worse."

At Pampa Junior High, wind gusts of more than 60 miles an hour brought on by the microburst caused extensive damage to facilities like the tennis courts and the wind generator.

The district says they expect everything but the wind generator to be fixed and operational by the time school starts on August 22.

Over at Pampa Regional Medical Group power was knocked out for more than 24 hours, which included their internet service. Facilities Director Tommy Parks says their staff is always prepared for situations like this.

"Our staff is always prepared for stuff," said Tommy Parks. "We have an amazing management program that we go by and practice quite often, so the staff knew exactly what to do."

During the power outage the hospital had to rely on a back-up generator. Workers even went old-school, writing everything down by hand. Parks says they have multiple plans lined up to ensure the safety of patients.

"Our plan calls for different procedures to be in place," said Parks. "We have contingencies with other vendors to provide us back up generators, things like that if needed. But our generator worked fine." 

Power was finally restored to the hospital around 2:00 a.m.. More than 6,000 residents also experienced power outages over the weekend. Parks said the hospital is proud of how their staff weathered the storm.

"We're just real proud of our staff," said Parks. "I mean, we got a tremendous staff here, on clinical and non-clinical. Everybody just did what they were supposed to so we're just real proud of our staff."

Residents are being advised to brace themselves as more storms are expected through the week.

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