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The APD aims to reduce motor vehicle deaths through LIVE campaign

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

Over the past five years, 148 people have died in motor vehicle accidents.

As this number continues to grow, the Amarillo Police Department is using social media to raise awareness and reduce these deaths.

"We've seen a steady rise every year and its just seems like we just keep having more and more fatal accidents," Public Information Officer Jeb Hilton said. "We finally got to the point where we are already at 15 deaths this year and we thought we have to do something."

Today, the APD launched a new five day campaign called LIVE.

Throughout the week, followers can see a video on either the department's Facebook or Twitter.

Today's message focused on those who lost their lives while riding a motorcycle.

"In the last five years we've had 34 deaths with motorcycles," Hilton said. "Some of those have involved speed some with drinking and driving and others with not wearing a helmet. Of course there are other incidents  were the car that was involved was at fault but what we want to do today is focus on riding sober, wearing a helmet and slowing down when on a motorcycle."

Hilton says other concepts coming up include wearing a seat belt, not drinking and driving, and being in a vehicle with a sober driver.

He says this is the first time the department has published a graphic video like this and hopes they are strong enough to get the message across.

"Some of these pictures are going to be pretty graphic. We hate doing stuff like that, but sometimes you just have to put that shock factor out there," Hilton explained. "Hopefully those images shows people just how serious this stuff could be. All of these pictures we used are from accidents in Amarillo and all of the accidents that we are speaking of have happened within the city limits."

Overall the APD hopes the LIVE campaign will show residents how serious of a problem fatal accidents are in Amarillo.

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