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Pampa residents recovering after severe storm tears through town

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Pampa residents are picking up the pieces after a microburst tore through the town, damaging several homes and businesses.

"All of a sudden it seemed like it was starting to wrap, and we saw stuff blowing around a little bit," said resident Cherie Keller.

Xcel officials report power has been restored for thousands of customers, while some still remain in the dark. Keller said her family had just returned home last night when they noticed the winds start to pick up. She says the wind was howling and she even heard a loud crack. 

"So we came over here and looked out Dietrich's window, and we see these limbs down," said Keller. "And then we look out the front door and see some limbs down on our small tree out front."

The National Weather Service says a microburst originated about 5 miles south of the Pampa airport, before whipping through town with wind-gusts peaking at 67 miles per hour.

Xcel Energy says more than 6,000 customers were without power after more than 40 utility poles were taken out. Pampa Regional Medical Center was left in the dark after a transmitter was severely damaged.

Keller says she spent the morning cleaning up her yard and assessing the damage.

"Well definitely his playground behind us, and the fence," said Keller. "It had busted some boards and it's kinda mangled a little it. Our section of fence over here got damaged, we're gonna have to take that section out and repair it. There has been some kind of roof damage but we're not quite sure yet."

A few streets away, residents Mike and Amber Nelson saw damage occur to both sides of their home. The strong winds toppled branches of a large tree in their backyard and then completely up-root a dogwood tree in the front. 
"We were looking out the back glass, man," said Mike Nelson. "The wind was unbelievable. It was like swirling and it was like it just suppressed straight down and shot straight back up. It was weird, windows humming. And I dunno man, we come out man, and this is what we got-- two trees on the house, basketball hoop on the car.

The Nelsons say they moved into their home just two weeks ago so the unusual sight helped them meet the neighbors. However, they believe the situation could have been much worse and are happy their family is okay.

"We have a great outlook on it, hey we have firewood now," said Amber Nelson. "So things could have been way worse. So we were all safe, we were all protected. We're good."

Xcel officials estimate power will be restored to all residents by 1 p.m. tomorrow.

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