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Boots and Badges compete against each other for a good cause


Local first responders competed in the 9th annual Boots vs. Badges softball game today.

Every year Amarillo Police Department takes on the Amarillo Fire Department in a game that goes beyond a friendly game of softball and smack-talk to benefit the Coffee Memorial Blood Center.

In the weeks leading up to the event, organizers say that they were unsure of where exactly the game would be played. The Potter County Memorial Stadium had been out of use for a year, and needed a little bit of work to get in game-day shape.

However local Amarillo residents teamed up with APD and the AFD to get the stadium ready for today's game.

With a the stadium ready to go, organizers say all that was left was have them play ball for a good cause.

"Coffee memorial handles the blood supply for the Panhandle," said Jason Love of the Amarillo Fire Department. "This allows them to buy equipment, have mobile blood drives things of that nature that they need funds for."

While both sides agree that the game is all in good fun, that didn't mean that they couldn't talk a little trash at the other's expense.

"The Badges have quite a record, we're something like 6-2," said APD Corporal Toby Hudson. "We're up in this game, but anything could happen. They're young and fast, but go Badges."

"You know, they have 20 guys in their dugout and we have 12." said Love. "I mean, that's kind of unfair numbers, but it's all in good fun. We have a good time."

in the end, the Badges extend their winning record after beating the Boots 19 to 15.

If you missed out on all the fun today, but would still like to help out the Coffee Memorial Blood Center, you can do that here.

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