Dog flu returns to Texas

Dog flu returns to Texas

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The dog flu has appeared in several states, and has now returned to Texas.

There are two known strains of the dog flu, and the H3N2 strain has both Austin and Houston.

Vets warn dog owners to keep their eyes open for signs because the dog flu is highly contagious and all it takes is one dog to infect many.

Dr. Merten Pearson of Noah's Ark Pet Hospital said no cases of the dog flu have been reported here in Amarillo, but there are still certain situations that could put your dog at risk of getting the disease.

Dog parks in particular can be dangerous to your dog's health.

"Dog parks are like kindergarten," said Pearson. "Everybody brings their dogs from around and everybody gets together and shares germs."

If you do want to take your dog to the dog park, it's important to stay vigilant.

Amarillo resident Max Begs says he heard the dog flu was in Texas, but isn't worried and will continue to bring his dog to the park.

"You can't protect them," said Begs. "You have to let them be a dog,"

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