Our Perspective on traffic construction in Amarillo

Our Perspective on traffic construction in Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Traveling through Amarillo can be difficult right now with the addition of more and more road construction projects.

Frustration is the word I keep hearing when people of Amarillo talk about the traffic construction in our city.

Road construction can take years on some projects, that is an understood fact.

The people of Amarillo want better roads and a better way of traveling through the city, but it seems a little overwhelming right now.

If you travel in Amarillo much at all, you cannot escape the Orange Barrel or Cone, mostly belonging to TxDOT.

Even if we want better roads, it is a little hard to defend how many projects have been started and how few projects are getting finished.

Let's review: The I-40 and I-27 on ramp has been a lingering project that seems so close to finish, but it remains unopened.

The South Loop 335 project has a long stretch of road that is torn up and seems to be moving forward at a rapid pace right now.

The Bridge at I-40 and Ross seems to be at a stand-still and now we have a bridge coming down at Bell Street and I-40.

I invite an explanation on why we start so many projects that overlap and seem to drag out the completions.

Our perspective is this: Traffic obstructions are part of life, we are blessed to be in a small enough town that we can still get around in a timely manner most of the time, but Traffic projects should have plans to minimize traffic obstructions and create traffic flow at the highest possible rates.

Is there a solution as we have many more projects on the horizon.

What's your Perspective?

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