Former policeman suing Randall County for $12M

Former policeman suing Randall County for $12M

RANDALL COUNTY, TX (KFDA) - A former policeman is suing Randall County for $12 million saying the county unfairly sent him to prison where he was abused and beaten by Mexican Mafia gang members who found out he had been in law enforcement.

Johnie Ray Thomas' lawyer filed the suit today in federal court. He also asks for $10 million from employees of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice which ran the prison.

Thomas ended up in prison because Randall County policies funneled all his court payments into one probation account instead of splitting them among the two he was to pay into for credit card abuse and sexual assault of a minor. That resulted in a judge revoking his probation.

The revocation ended with a prison sentence that the Seventh Court of Appeals recently reversed after more than five years.

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