Our Perspective on celebrating our communities

Our Perspective on celebrating our communities

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - NewsChannel 10 started Summer Celebration 18 years ago from a desire to meet our viewers and introduce you, our viewers, to your neighboring communities.

Typically, we drive from town to town for family events or sports, or we just pass through the towns around us as we travel to other destinations.

It is easy to think we know things about these towns as we drive through, but there is so much more.

Our goal is to tell stories inside the town.

There are remarkable things working and accomplishments being made in each community, and we want to be the voice that shares those stories.

This week's Perspective is that NewsChannel 10 is blessed to meet great people doing great things, and our goal is to share those great things with you.

The Panhandle is a big place, but we are all tied together, and sharing ideas and successes is always a good thing.

I invite you to watch or come and see us on the road.

We would love to meet you and hear your stories as we continue the NewsChannel 10 Summer Celebration to Panhandle and Dalhart.

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