Fired Up releases statement on status, future of Ruby's

Fired Up releases statement on status, future of Ruby's

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Update 7/26: The parent company of Ruby Tequilas, Fired Up Holding, says it has terminated all contracts it had and has stopped operation of the restaurant chain.

Fired Up bought the company earlier this year and officially took control May 1.

The Texas State Tax Authority claims payments have not been received from the sale of alcohol and employees claim they have not been paid. Ruby Tequila's disputes that claim.

Officials say the future of the company is uncertain.

Original article:

The abrupt closing of an Amarillo restaurant has left people in the community asking questions and possibly searching for new jobs.

On Monday, Ruby Tequila's locations in both Amarillo and Lubbock closed and locked their doors without any notice.

The parent company of Ruby Tequila's says the company is currently going through liquidation.

When you call Fired Up Holding Company Inc., you are led directly to a voice recording.

A look at the court status shows company principal Kevin Foote does not have any cases pending bankruptcy.

Anyone who calls the Fired Up Holding Company Inc. phone number will hear this message:

"Thank you for calling Fired Up Incorporated. Please listen carefully as our menu has recently changed. Fired Up is currently in liquidation and can only be contacted in writing."

This is not the first of financial problems for Foote. Starting in 2009, he was forced to close Bennigan's Restaurants in multiple states.

Employees have reached out concerned about their jobs, and community members have responded.

The Chick-fil-a on Georgia Street has publicly reached out offering open job positions to Ruby Tequila's employees even linking to online applications.

One local musician posted on Facebook about Ruby Tequila's not paying her for her services, and the local community rallied behind her.

Although we still do not know why Ruby Tequila's has been closed or if the restaurant will reopen, we have seen our community support any employees affected by the store's closing.

NewsChannel 10 will continue to look into why the restaurants have closed and will keep you updated with any new information.

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