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Local business steps into the limelight for 100th anniversary

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Oliver's Saddle Shop is celebrating 100 years of success.

Owner Richard Oliver was stoked to find out Texas Country Reporter was interested in doing a story on his family business.

"I called my wife immediately and told them 'hey you're not gonna believe this,'" said Oliver. 

He's proud to showcase his saddle shop, that's been 100 years in the making.

"You know Amarillo's roots are in the western world and cowboys and cattle and everything, and that's what we represent in here in the shop," said Oliver. "So I just hope that represents Amarillo good on their story and people know that Amarillo is a western town. It's a good town, a good place with good people, good ethics and salt of the earth people."

Executive producer and co-host of Texas Country Reporter Bob Philips said this is exactly the kind of story they look for.

"You don't find too many mom and pop anything around for 100 years these days, much less something like this," said Philips. "So a saddle maker in this day and age is still something to be celebrated on a show like ours. Obviously there's a lot of pride and a lot of passion in it." 

Oliver said he hopes this will show how hard it is for a small business to survive.

"I hope the show shows how few families can hold it together for 100 years, and that it is a struggle for small businesses nowadays, and we're one of the few that's made it and the good lord has blessed us," said Oliver. "It's wonderful to have that family tradition, to have our customers that have helped support us for all these years and the generations, and it just shows that there's still good businesses around and there's still a niche for them." 

Oliver's saddle shop is celebrating their anniversary this Saturday with a ranch rodeo. Proceeds from the event will go toward the WRCA Foundation.

For more information on the celebration, click here.

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