Our Perspective on the Texas Tech Veterinary School

Our Perspective on the Texas Tech Veterinary School

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - There are many things written and said about the possibility of a new Texas Tech Health Science Center Veterinarian school in Amarillo.

Today I had a chance to sit down with Texas Tech Chancellor Robert Duncan and he talked about the research that still needs to be done.

As I try to wrap my head around this process it is a lengthy one with politics layered throughout.

I agree the due diligence must be done, it must prove financially viable, meet the education standards needed to serve our area best and we as a community must show our support for the new program.

This is a hot topic in Lubbock, Austin, and becoming more and more in Amarillo.

In its simplest form there is controversy on who is in favor and who is against this operation.

It seems political on many levels and rightly so, this is a major project.

The Texas legislature is faced with a major shortfall this year causing some of our Government spending to be cut or cut back.

That causes a problem if the Texas Tech system were to ask for money now.

The Chancellor and a committee are in the planning phases of the School and they are using the money they are getting from Austin to do the research and build the business models needed, from that point there are approvals and funding from Amarillo entities, Texas Tech Board of Regents, the Texas Legislature, the Governor's office and the Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Today's Perspective is that there are many things to be worked out and many shadows working for and probably against the school for whatever reason.

What I do know is that you can make an impact and weigh in on this topic.

It is time to step up and show your support for this project.

We cannot sit back and wait; our Legislative leaders and the Governor's office must know Amarillo supports this project.

You can contact the Governor's office by phone  or reach them online to voice your opinion.

(512) 463-2000 - Office of the Governor Main Switchboard

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