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Childress city manager resigns amid financial concerns

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Childress City Hall was packed today as many residents awaited a decision from the city council on the future of City Manager Bryan Tucker.

Those residents have concerns that the city may be having financial issues after the council received the results of an audit.

When asked about their finances, Mayor Brett Parr said part of the problem stemmed from the city council setting a tax rate based on incorrect information, creating an impression money was missing. 

"Some how or another, that number was incorrect and some of the parties involved are no longer here," said Parr. "The audit was late and because it was late we didn't catch onto it until just recently and you can't go back and get it."

On Tucker's resignation, Parr said the parting of ways was mutual. While Tucker declined to comment, his father-in-law Joe Robinson said the move is a big mistake.

"I think there's a problem with our governance," said Robinson. "They have run off CEDC Director, Russell, and he's resigned, Mr. Woods that operates the golf course... they've forced him to resign, and now they've pretty much forced Bryan to resign."

Robinson went on to say Tucker didn't really want to resign.

"He knew this was not a long term deal, but he also would have liked to have left on his own terms," said Robinson. "It makes you wonder who's next."

Tucker has been serving Childress as city manager since 2008.

Some residents said he's accomplished many things for the city during those years, which is why his resignation today came as a surprise to them.

Childress resident Sue Kindle said she was shocked to hear about the decision.

"I've heard nothing bad, I know he's done some good things here in town, I know since he's been here," said Kindle. "So I'm just kind of blown away by this news."

Resident Ron Gray echoed that statement, saying while he didn't know Tucker, he's heard nothing but good things.

"Obviously the audit brought up a lot of discrepancies," said Gray. "For some reason he decided to move on and maybe that's the best for the whole thing."

Assistant City Manager Kevin Hodges will now help fill Tucker's position until a new city manager is hired. He said the future of Childress is bright.

"We have a lot of good things in place that you kind of hit the reset button, and once those start generating revenue, the sky's the limit in my opinion of what we can do," said Hodges. "A lot of things are set there for us, the foundation is there. Hopefully we'll get a city manager in here that will be able to do as good of a job as Mr. Tucker did." 

Mayor Parr said there is no timeline of when a new city manager will be hired. 

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