Dumas VFW Post on the verge of closing

Dumas VFW Post on the verge of closing
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DUMAS, TX (KFDA) - For many veterans, a VFW post is a place where they can receive help, make long life friends, and a place they can call home.

For veterans in the community of Dumas, their second home may soon be going away.

"We all need a place to call home and this is what we call home," Commander Shawn White said. "If we lose the post, we would have to meet in someone's garage and have to get rid of a lot of our stuff and we just do not want to do that."

The 9022 VFW Post is on the verge of closing due to lack of funds.

Right now, there are about 68 members with the post, but of those only 8 are active members.

White says many of the other members have either moved away, can not get out of their home or have passed away.

"Through all of the years we started out with a multitude War World II veterans and all of these veterans could do everything for the post," Jr. Vice Commander John Johnson said. "We had carpenters and electricians and through them we were able to build the first post that we had and we were able to go out into the community and have fundraising events."

Johnson who has been with the post for 17 years says it is hard to host fundraisers with such few active members.

Without enough people to raise funds, the post is in a very tight financial situation.

The VFW currently owns the building where it is housed, but Commanders fear they won't be able to keep up with utilities and maintain the post if they do not secure more funds or add more members.

"I am proud to be a member of this VFW, a lot of these old gentlemen over here have really helped out a lot," White expressed. "I encourage all of the young veterans to get involved because these old men can teach us a thing or two."

Right now, the group of veterans are working to come up with more fundraiser and have turned to social media for funds, but say they need the community to step up and help them.

"We've done some great things here in our town and I love being a part of it," Johnson said. "These guys that are still here and are still working, they like being a part of it and hopefully we can get something moving where we can keep our post open."

You can find more information on the Dumas VFW Post and how you can help here.

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