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Clothing drive changes lives of Amarillo's homeless

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A professional clothing drive is changing the lives of Amarillo's homeless. 

When Anthony Portillo first came to Faith City Mission, he had only two pairs of pants, three shirts and a pair of shoes to his name.

"Came here broken, in and out of homelessness, just corruption and chaos," said Portillo.

He said Faith City Mission provided the tools he needed to turn his life around, including his wardrobe.

"Faith City has just provided me with thousands of dollars worth of clothes. Top of the line shoes, suits and just name brand clothing," said Portillo.

"Going through the things I've been through, I really didn't care how I looked or the way I dressed, and as that changed, the opportunity to dress nice was in front of me here at Faith City."

That opportunity was made possible through a partnership between Men's Wearhouse and Faith City Mission.
Throughout the month of July, you can donate your gently-used professional clothing at Men's Wearhouse for those transitioning back into the workforce at Faith City Mission.

Faith City Mission PR Administrator Madison Bass said this is a huge part of helping the homeless get back on their feet because when you look good, you feel good.

"Whenever our students receive suits, just like anybody else when you get  new clothes, you feel confident, you feel good about yourself." said Bass. "They come to us and feel maybe down or broken or just they don't feel confident... they don't have anything."

Bass added that while it's just a suit, it makes the men and women at Faith City Mission feel like a whole new person.

"They look nice and they get ready, so they just feel that confidence," said Bass. "They feel empowered, they feel like they can go out and they can actually get the job because they fit the part and they look the part."

Portillo said that confidence helped him find his new job.

"I was really persistent with this job and every time I went," said Portillo. "I made sure that I dressed real nice so they could see that 'okay this guys serious about getting the job, he looks nice he's presentable, respectable,' and it paid off."

If you would like to help someone like Portillo and donate professional attire, you can drop off your professional attire at Men's Wearhouse located at 121 Westgate Parkway in Amarillo. You can also bring items to Faith City Mission located at 400 SE 2nd in Amarillo.

Donations are accepted until July 31st. When you donate at Men's Wearhouse, you receive a special coupon for 50% off you next purchase.

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