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New "Snap Map" raises local concern

Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

It's called Snap Map and it is the latest update Snapchat users are using.

If you activate your map, you have the choice to either share your location with all your friends, a selection of them, or become a ghost and keep your location to yourself.

The geo-location can pin point your exact location and the locations of your friends.

Although the update is intended to bring together friends and family, it has been raising some privacy concerns.

"I think it is insane, I think that it is definitely a danger to people if others know where you are at all times," Shelby Wilson said. " I know I wouldn't want my child to have that feature and people know where she is."

"I feel like Snapchat, with the whole location, it is kind of dangerous," Jocelyn Bailey said. "If I want someone to know my location, I would want to be able to send it to them. I do not want them to know where I am at without me knowing. I feel that it takes it to a stalker-type level."

Sergeant Brent Barbee says this update may sound negative to some, but the ability to track your location through your phone is not something new.

He adds other social media platforms can also tell people your location.

"It can be used or it can be misused like another type of technology tool," Barbee said. "Children unfortunately do not have the judgment yet to be able to discern who is good or bad."

Barbee says these type of features will only continue to gain traction as technology advances.

He advises parents to know what applications their child use, their friends and how they are using it.

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