Our Perspective on the baseball discussion

Our Perspective on the baseball discussion

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - City officials said they would not break ground until they had a signature and a commitment from a baseball team.

Now the signature is very near, we have been through the controversy, the vote, and lot of behind-the-scenes negotiations to get a team to justify a downtown stadium.

It looks like the San Antonio Missions AA Baseball team is moving to Amarillo with a targeted opening date of April 2019.

Many are still asking why.

Let me outline some of the items that have transpired.

City Officials, City workers, City leaders and businesses in our area have worked many hours to create a deal that impressed the owners of this team.

You may ask what did this impressing them cost us?

The business owners in our area have pledged an enormous amount of support with an undisclosed number of luxury boxes leased, the naming rights for the field being sold and sponsorships in place, along with many other financial perks that are not taxpayer money funded.

Many business leaders are behind this as an improvement to our city and the baseball team ownership is excited about the opportunity.

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