Wildfire burns two in New Mexico

Wildfire burns two in New Mexico

NARA VISA, NM - A wildfire claimed two victims in New Mexico this week, killing one and injuring another.

Local rancher Johnny Cammack died yesterday after being severely burned Wednesday as he fought a wildfire with the Nara Visa Volunteer Fire Department.

Fire Chief Gary Girard called Cammack outstanding. He said as his team fought the fire south of the town, the wind suddenly shifted killing Cammack and injuring Kyle Perez.

Girard said, "nobody expected this."

He was told the flames were as tall as the 10-foot truck.

Units from Logan, Rosebud and county road crews helped put out the fire that burned about 10,000 acres.

There were three fires that burned in that area Wednesday.

Lightning probable cause for wildfire last night

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