Local kids do service projects around Amarillo

Local kids do service projects around Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Local youth groups are going MIA around the city to help others participating in this year's Mission in Amarillo.

Over 80 middle schoolers from all around the Panhandle teamed up this week to do service projects across the city. Each year, the goal is to find different ways to get the teens into the community to learn valuable lessons about the world.

"We want our kids to see that there are different ways that people are hurting in this world," says, Douglas Martin from Bell Ave.Church of Christ, "We want them to see that there are different ways to bring home and one of those ways is helping the homeless here."

Today, some of the students sat and talked with the veterans, bringing smiles to faces who may not smile otherwise. Others prepared and gave out meals and water to the homeless, and their generosity did not go unnoticed.

"I wouldn't get up everyday." Says a local homeless man, "I would be 6-feet-deep and asleep all day. Bell Street Church of Christ, thank you for my lunch."

The students enjoy being out in the community and helping those who need it.

"This is really a great opportunity that I have witnessed." Says Lanae Blankenship, a student volunteer "It's just amazing to see what all these people go through and to see the drastic change in what it is like for them to see food and  actually get that."

Church youth groups have been participating in the Mission in Amarillo event for 15 years and each year other churches joined.
The youth group leaders recognize the importance of giving back to our community and are excited these young kids are getting the chance to help others.

"Really its awesome." Say Martin "I mean these  guys have done a wonderful job, and its a blessing for me to help the homeless but to watch these teenagers just freely do it and talk and interact with these people, it's amazing it gives me hope for the future."

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