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Shortage of Stinnett EMS volunteers

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

The number of volunteers at the Stinnett EMS are at an all time low.

EMS Director Jeff Stieg said when emergency calls come in, it's an all hands on deck situation.

Between the volunteer fire department and the EMS, there are usually around four people on hand during the day when emergencies arise in Stinnett, two of which are from their EMS. 

Stieg said volunteers are crucial to their operations.

"Lower call volume services have a little bit more financial difficulties than the bigger cities, so we operate a lot with volunteers," said Stieg.

He went on to say they don't only serve Stinnett, but the entire county, and that it's hard to get volunteers to serve during the week.

"More people working more hours, the economy's gotten worse and it's just hard to get time away," said Stieg. "The training's increased and there's a lot of things that go into it."

Both certified and uncertified volunteers are needed to lift patients, treat them, drive to and from emergencies, and more.

The Stinnett Volunteer Fire Department assists the EMS when they are short staffed. Lieutenant Gena Wells said the demand for services increases during the summer.

"Our call volume is a lot higher right now because everybody's out doing more activities," said Wells. "We have more wrecks, we have more emergency with fainting and just stress and fatigue."

A new program is in the works to help Stinnett EMS recruit people.

"That will give people the opportunity to come to a class, get certified and then get some experience," said Stieg. "They can roam with us if they wish, and if not we can give them the education and go from there."

Stieg added that anytime people go to a class, it either builds interest or shows them they're not interested at all.

"Some people will go to a class and realize they love it and maybe even pursue a career in it," said Stieg.

EMS has five volunteers on roster. In order to provide the best care possible, their goal is to have 25.

To volunteer, you must fill out an application, interview and train. To apply, call (806)201-2705.

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