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Amarillo tattoo parlor collects art supplies for local schools

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Electric Baboon Tattoo is collecting supplies and donations for area students. 

Electric Baboon Owner Jon Perkins said schools are in desperate need of supplies, and it's important for children to express themselves.

"During the school year, schools run out of certain things, and it's usually just typical things- colored pencils, crayons, glue, paper- stuff like that," said Perkins. "It all comes out of their pocket because the state has no more money for it. So we thought we'd band together as a community to come together for the kids."

Perkins went on to say he believes it's important for kids to express themselves.

"I feel that a lot of kids can get their feelings out on paper," said Perkins. "Whether it's something traumatic that happened to them, or they're just in the mood to do this, it helps people understand what they're feeling at that time or where they were coming from at that time."

Perkins said he initially was going to deliver the supplies to the teachers who need it, but changed his mind.

"I had them come to the shop so they could actually meet me and see what was going on," said Perkins. "It is kind of amusing to see people that are like 'oh he has tattoos he's probably a criminal,' but if you actually talk to us, we're just normal people."

Perkins added that having the teachers come to him will break down misconceptions of the tattoo industry.

"This kind of breaks the stereotype, and actually shows people that, yeah we have children, we care about what our kids are doing, we care about what your kids are doing too," said Perkins. "We care about the entire community because if our community fails, our kids fail."

All supplies and donations will go to local schools. If you would like to join the cause, you can donate at Electric Baboon, located at 4105 Southwest 45th Avenue in Amarillo, or you can call (806) 367-7227.

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