Dalhart "Battle of the Badges" raises funds for car seats

Dalhart "Battle of the Badges" raises funds for car seats
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Source: KFDA
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DALHART, TX (KFDA) - An area community is battling it out as first responders raise funds and awareness for car seat safety.

It's been a close race as The Dalhart Police Department (Team Blue) and Volunteer Fire Fighters (Team Red) battle it out in their first Battle of the Badges.

Both agencies have teamed up with Dalhart's Care Net Pregnancy Center.

The goal is to provide local families who are either at risk or with low income free car seats.

Through this friendly competition, Care Net is also wanting to educate parents and highlight the importance of car seats.

"Car seats sometimes go unnoticed," Care Net Executive Director Justin Gibson said. "People use old or broken car seats and they are not installed properly, so we worked to meet the needs of those car seats and also to educate why you need a car seat how it is properly installed."

Gibson says this cause hits home for both agencies because they have seen first hand what happens if children are not using car seats properly.

"We've arrived in car accidents where the car seats where out in the middle of the road," Fire Chief Curtis Brown said.

"Unfortunately, a lot of times the children are the very first ones who end up getting injured because there is nothing holding them back," Police Chief David Connor said.

Chief Connor and Chief Brown agree this battle is a great way to keep children protected.

Chief Brown says a couple of his volunteer fire fighters are in the process of going to school to become certified cars seat inspectors to help residents properly install them.

Right now each team has raised about $1,200 with Team Red ahead by $40.

"Remember firefighters we do not write you tickets," Brown said.

"We're there not only in your time of need, but we are there all the time for you as where the fire department is only there when you need them," Connor said.

The Battle of the Badges will end on Monday, June 19.

For more information on where you can donate you can click here.

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