Cargill donates to WRCA Wildfire Relief Fund

Cargill donates to WRCA Wildfire Relief Fund

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - As ranchers continue to recover from March's devastating wildfires, another local company is stepping up to help.

Cargill presented an $18,000 check to The Working Ranch Cowboys Association to help those directly affected by the fires. It is estimated the recovery process is going to take at least two years, and while this is another significant donation, more money is still needed .

"We knew that not only would there be an immediate need, but there would be a long term need for support." Says Star Stater, Chair of Cargill Cares, "So, in the very beginning Cargill was rolling out feed donations, we were rolling out hay donations, but we also knew there needed to be financial support later on. Because this is not going to take just three weeks to fix, this is going to take a couple of years to fix."

Initial reports from Agrilife estimate damage to be around $25.1 million and millions more are needed to rebuild. The Working Ranch Cowboys Association is working one-on-one with the ranchers affected by this years wildfires to make sure they receive the help they need.

"You know, a mile of fence is $10,000 and when you have 150 miles of fence that's $15 million." Says, Caycee Hooper the WRCF Manager, "So, we are going to be in this for a while, and we need that support still. We are still open for business, we still have to keep going."

Cargill presented the check to WRCA on June 14 and along with the donation for wildfire relief the company has also set up scholarships to help students of families affected by the wildfires.

"As these fires have taken their toll, we knew that the foundation would have to shift funds to help those people affected by the fire." Says Stater, "But, there also may be students out there who are trying to go to school and may not have the funds so they had to make the decision not to go."

If you are looking to donate to the Wildfire Relief Fund, you can still send a check to the Working Ranch Cowboy Association and place Wildfire Relief.

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