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Square Mile introducing fresh produce into San Jacinto

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

Square Mile Community Development is providing fresh produce for those who live in the San Jacinto neighborhood.

This non-profit organization believes in order for a neighborhood to be healthy, it needs to have education, health, housing, spiritual care and economic development, and this project hits on these health and economic development keys.

"We are teaching people how to grow their own food, how to sell at the farmers market and really how to have something sustainable that you don't have to go back and ask for money to keep it going," SMCD executive director Brady Clark said. "This is a model we can use in other areas of the city to really address the need but also to bring in revenue and sustainability into lower income and high need communities."

Today, a group of children from the San Jacinto neighborhood were plowing through piles of dirt.

Many of them said they showed up today expecting easy work, but shoveling dirt and working under the sun was not as easy as they thought.

"In the beginning it was really hard, but we all started putting in more effort and team work and it got easier," Gilberto Perez said.

Perez and other children say these type of projects help highlight their community and benefits many families.

"This would be a good place to start a farm were we can get food in the neighborhood, and it is close where everybody can get food," Kuray Mosley said.

Through this project, Square Mile hopes to reinvest in this community, provide residents with healthy produce and turn San Jacinto into a vibrant part of Amarillo.

"We believe this is not just for these neighborhoods, it is to make Amarillo stronger," Clark said. "It is to make our community healthy, and it is really to see Amarillo as a well rounded strong model of what true community should look like."

Square Mile expects to be planting within the next few weeks and hopes to start harvest by the end of July.

If you would like more information on this organization or would like to volunteer or help them out you can click here.

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