Canyon ISD School Board approves Vision 2020 Plan

Canyon ISD School Board approves Vision 2020 Plan

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Canyon ISD has approved a new strategic vision for their school called Vision 2020, and they are excited about what this is going to do for their students.

Since January, the school has been working with a group of 100 parents, community members, business representatives and staff  to develop a new plan for the district going forward. The volunteers were divided into action teams and they learned about the reality of CISD and were asked to contribute ideas about how to better help the students.

"Bringing that type of group together and everyone coming out with an understanding of the goals and what we are looking at that's a big deal."  Says Coordinator of District Communications April McDaniel, "I'm very excited about that."

Along with Vision 2020, CISD also unveiled a new logo, vision statement, and announced the implementation of a new website by the end of the summer.

"Moving forward with Canyon ISD we've got some great things that are happening not only for the new logo or the website." Says McDaniel, " But, also for what our kids are going to get out of the whole planning process."

Vision 2020 is a three to five year plan in which the district focuses on certain area's the planning committee felt were necessary. The key areas are Staffing and Human Resources, Student Success, Growth and Facilities, Technology and Community Partnership.

"The first thing that we will do from all the action steps that were created is determine what are the things that need to be a year one plan." Says Superintendent Darryl Flusche, "So, we will begin determining what is the year one purpose, what is the year two purpose, and what are the year three purposes. From there we will begin implementation of those different aspects related to year one, two and three."

The ultimate goal is a better education for the students to ensure success in college and in the work place.

"The reason why we have a strategic plan is to ask what can we do for our kids." Says Flusche, "What opportunities give our kids a competitive edge when they leave our system. Whether they go into a workplace or they are applying for a scholarship or to a certain university, what gives our kids that competitive edge, and ultimately, that is what the strategic plan is all about."
By the end of this summer, the district plans to make an announcement about what the next 5 years of this plan is going to look like.

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