Our Perspective on celebrating Amarillo businesses

Our Perspective on celebrating Amarillo businesses

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Over a month ago, we discussed NewsChannel 10's efforts to celebrate Amarillo businesses. We invited you to join in and vote for the first ever NewsChannel 10 Viewers Choice Awards.

You responded with thousands of votes. In your responses, we also learned how we could make the categories and voting better next time. Most of the categories were close races.

This just shows lots of businesses deserve recognition.

Congratulations to the winners and to the runner ups, because you deserve it.

Over 130 categories are being recognized for their excellence. You may see News mentions, Certificates hanging in the businesses, Facebook posts thanking you for your votes, and even commercials thanking you for their award.

Business owners have even told me, "This is a prized award because it comes from you the viewers!" We hope that you tell the businesses congratulations and pat them on the back.

Our Perspective starts with pride for our town and the businesses that strive for excellence in it.

We are also proud of you for voting on your favorite businesses and celebrating excellence.

The world can beat you up from time to time, so take time to recognize the great things and people around you and tell them job well done.

What's your Perspective?

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