Co-workers of deceased construction workers aim to finish what was started

Co-workers of deceased construction workers aim to finish what was started
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The I-40 wreck that killed three construction workers and injured two remains under investigation.

NewsChannel10 spoke with co-workers who worked alongside all five victims and who say although they are hurting, their co-workers were great men and hard workers.

"We have families suffering. We have three families, three dead friends, all of them very good friends who worked here for years," co-worker Raul Pantoga said.

Ygnacio Rodriquez, Jorge Noe Catano, and Julian Zamora were pronounced dead Saturday morning after a 16-foot-long flatbed trailer came loose on I-40, and hit a paving machine and five J. Lee Milligan employees.

Police say at this time David Huddleston, 59, and Eddie Erinco, 21, continue to recover from non-life threatening injuries.

Pantoga says all of the co-workers who were involved in the accident were dedicated workers and great friends.

He told us during a safety meeting this morning, the President of J. Lee Milligan said:

"It's a good way to finish off what they have started. We are a different crew, but we came out here to finish what they have started," Pantoga said. "TxDOT has done a great job today. Traffic slowed down quite a bit once we changed the regulations a little bit and it is helping us out."

This morning TxDOT and J. Lee Milligan worked together to add additional safety measures for workers as well as the traveling public.

The safety enhancements include closing an additional lane to provide a buffer between the operation and the traveling public, encouraging traffic to slow down by adding a 50 mph advisory speed though the work zone, and providing additional advance warning of the operation for the traveling public.

"Slow Down" is the message co-workers want to get across to drivers.

"It is just a matter of slowing down and looking out for us," Pantoga said. "We don't necessarily come out here expecting this to happen to us. It is something we couldn't have stopped or have prevented. We take our safety measures every day, but there are things we can't stop."

NewsChannel10 will keep you updated on the latest as this investigation continues.

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