Summer sealcoat operations kicking off for city street division

Summer sealcoat operations kicking off for city street division

Beginning Wednesday, June 14, the City of Amarillo's Street division will start its annual summer sealcoating project as part of the City's regular preventative maintenance program for paved residential streets.

The City sealcoats (commonly known as chipseal) each residential street once every ten years to seal the existing asphalt surface against the intrusion of water and to provide a new wear surface.

The residential streets slated for sealcoating this summer are located between Mirror and Osage streets from S.E. 58th Avenue to S.E. 34th Avenue, between Osage and Eastern streets from S.E. 34th Avenue to Interstate 40, and between Osage and Grand streets from Interstate 40 to Amarillo Boulevard. The project will begin in the vicinity of S.E. 58th Avenue and Osage, and proceed north.

Residents will receive notices requesting parked vehicles be removed from the street the Friday prior to the week their street is scheduled for resurfacing. The sealcoating process consists of an application of hot liquid asphalt followed by a layer of small asphalt coated rock which is compacted into the street's surface which requires the street to be closed to traffic for a period of approximately two hours. Any loose rock will be swept to the gutter the day after initial application.

Approximately three days later, a street sweeper will begin sweeping up excess rock and will continue to sweep the rock on a regular basis until all the loose rock is removed from the street and gutter.

Residents are reminded to drive with extra caution in the work zones and at reduced speeds to minimize kicking up loose rocks. If residents have questions or concerns, they may contact the Street division at (806) 378-6815 or view a map of the proposed project's boundaries online at

Source: City of Amarillo

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