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The memory of the Balderas children lives on

The memory of the Balderas children lives on

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It has been five months, since the accidental gas poisoning that killed four Amarillo children.

The Balderas family and the Amarillo community continues to keep the memory of Yasmeen, Josue, Johnny and Felipe alive.

Surviving siblings Emily, Cassandra and Peter say they still have flashback of their last night inside the home and the memories still haunt them.

Months after the tragic accident, the family has had the opportunity to step back into the home and take out a few things.

"I took my little brothers Pokémon cards because everyday he would talk about Pokémon and he loved it," Peter said. "Each day he would tell me and those cards really meant a lot to me."

"I took my brothers drawings because he loved to draw. He was an artist and so am I, and so his drawings were personal for me," Cassandra said.

"I took my sisters ring because she would always wear it," Emily said.

The Balderas children say their siblings were full of dreams and had an impact on the lives of many.

They described them as outgoing, optimistic, caring and helpful.

Mr. Balderas says the memory of his four children lives on.

Right now, the Balderas family is preparing a memorial for the children.

Mr. Balderas says by the end of this week his former home will be demolished and they will be using that lot for the memorial.

"We will be planting trees and flowers on the property," Pedro Balderas said. "The memorial will be for all of my children's friends and anyone who would like to come and remember the special memories they had of them."

Although time has passed since the tragic night in January, the Amarillo community continues to show their support for the Balderas.

Every weekend a group of volunteers comes out and helps Mr. Balderas build his new home, which will be located next to the children's memorial.

Mr. Balderas says him and his family will continue to work on his new home and expects the project to be complete within the next three to four months.

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