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Local tattoo artists urge clients to take lake & pool precautions

Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

Lake and pool season is upon us, and as people make their way to these places local tattoo artist want to remind those with fresh ink to be aware of some important rules.

Brian Wynne, a local artist at Sugar Daddy's, urges his clients to avoid any place that can put them in contact with bodily fluids like lakes, rivers, oceans, pools and even gyms.

"Staph and bacteria are everywhere. You can't get away from it. If you jump in the lake or go to the gym, you don't know what's there," Wynne said. "If you go to the gym, people may not be wiping down the benches or what not, so you just want to stay away from anything like that."

Wynne says every tattoo is basically an open wound and if clients do not take care of them, they can be putting their body at risk for infection.

"You're just perforating the skin on whatever area that is being worked on, so if you get your whole back done, your whole back is an open wound," Wynne said.

A local doctor agrees you can find bacteria anywhere and says depending on the health and immune system of people, infections could quickly become life threatening.

"Sepsis is the initial disorder response and septic shock is when it become a life threatening process," said TTUHSC professor Dr. Rodney Young. "The septic shock progress could cascade causing organ dysfunction and eventually multi-organ failure."

Both Wynne and Dr. Young agree every tattoo heals differently but recommends those with fresh ink to avoid exposing their tattoo until it is completely healed.

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