Perspective: Threats against American people coming from nation's leaders

Perspective: Threats against American people coming from nation's leaders

Each week I present Perspective and I introduce opinion and thoughts that ask tough questions.

Our reporters do the same, but they pride themselves on objectively reporting the truth from the facts they gather each day. They work daily to earn your trust.

Lately there is a negative, pumped-up commentary on journalists that many dismiss as jokes or political exaggeration, but when it comes from leaders, people listen and some take it seriously.

Did President Trump calling the media dishonest and distorted and enemies of the people make it easier to justify last week's actions of the Montana congressman throwing a reporter to the floor?

And Texas Governor Greg Abbott was smiling when he said he would carry his well-shot target in case he ran into reporters to remind them what a skilled gunman he is.

A joke? Maybe. But we would not accept it if people threatened women or minorities. Why do we accept this?

The facts the reporters present may be uncomfortable for some, even challenging for us to accept or understand.

Finding the fair facts in tough situations takes courage and conviction for our journalist.  It's a First Amendment freedom that has been a powerful force in American history.

Our Journalists hold the powerful accountable and we want to take this opportunity to show our appreciation for those local community and business leaders who respectfully answer tough questions.

They set a positive example by being transparent and taking responsibility when they see room to improve.

We hope their actions inspire others. Our Perspective is the light always shines in the dark, and a bully is still a bully by no other name.

Our journalists must ask tough questions when it is time, but they should not be afraid for their well-being.

We ask our local leaders to use their platforms to help discourage the disrespect, harassment and harm of anyone, including journalist. 

What's your Perspective?

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