"Rapture scam" targets Carson County residents

"Rapture scam" targets Carson County residents

CARSON COUNTY, TX (KFDA) - The rapture could happen any day now, and when it does, don't you want to make sure you're all set to go to heaven?

That's what a local scammer has been asking Carson County residents this week in attempt to take their money.

Phone and mail scams are common in that county.

"I'd say in the last probably two years in Carson County we've experienced a loss that we know of of well over $250,000 of people being victimized by things of this nature," said Carson County Sheriff Loren Brand.

The "rapture scam" - a term coined by brand - is the newest scam to the area, targeting elderly people by offering a large investment return and possible eternal life in heaven for a hefty donation.

"For some people, that would be a no-brainer," said Brand. "But if you don't follow through with that, and they start getting testy on the phone and they get angry and they start making threats, what are you going to do?"

Brand said most scams like these come from other states or foreign call centers, but the "rapture scam" is run by someone in Carson County.

The sheriff's office has found the suspect, but without any victim reports of money lost, it's hard to charge someone for theft or threats.

"If you've been victimized, you're not ignorant," said Brand. "You've just gone up against some very talented people, some people that know what they're doing. Call us. Let us help you through it. Let us stop it from getting any worse."

Brand said his office gets about eight calls a week asking if a phone call or letter someone received is a scam.

And he'd rather people call him than spend more time on the phone with any scammers.

"We would ask that you trust us more than you trust just a voice on the phone, because we'll do our best for you and we're not out to get anything out of it," said Brand.

If you think you're getting scammed, Brand said don't argue with the scammer or try to trick them.

Hang up the phone and let the police know what's happening.

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