F/X Motor Sports brings back "Street Car Showdown"

F/X Motor Sports brings back "Street Car Showdown"
Source: Amarillo Dragway
Source: Amarillo Dragway

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Although it is illegal and dangerous, street racing is a thrill many in the Panhandle seek.

Last year, the Amarillo Police Department cracked down on this type of activity.

The APD investigated 15 formal reports to street racing for 2016 and say the department received several calls throughout the year from concerned citizens.

FX Motor Sports is reintroducing its "Street Car Showdown" in hopes of once again offering drivers a safe and legal setting to engage in street racing.

"With the help of Amarillo Dragway we are trying to provide a place that is safe for racers," Craig Moses president of F/X Motor Sports said. "We aim to keep the setting as close as to what street racing is and just try to provide a safe place where racing doesn't have to be settled on the street."

This event is geared towards those who have a passion for cars and speed.

It will be hosted at the Amarillo Dragway which offers an extensive strip where the community members can go out and either race their vehicles or enjoy the races.

"It's not traditional drag racing that would be heads up like what you see on the strip, so it is a little bit different," Moses said. "We are trying to take the street style and bring it to the drag strip. We will keep it interesting, keep it real, and if there is a grudge race that needs to be settled, they can settle it there."

Moses says this showdown is the perfect setting for anyone who has ever had the urge to get out and race.

"You are not going to change the world overnight, but if you can get it to where it is available for them to come out and stay safe, it is a start," Moses said. "Every kid that turns 16 and has a car is going to want to see how fast that car will go at some point and time."

Moses hopes this event will be the kickoff of more street race events for the Panhandle.

Gates for the 2017 FX Street Car Showdown will open tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. and racing will begin at 7:00 p.m.

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