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"The Pass Out Challenge" causing alarm in Stinnett

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

Stinnett Police are alerting parents that children are playing a life-threatening game.

They have received information about kids in the area participating in "the pass out challenge." During the challenge, kids rapidly breathe and then hold their breath while someone else applies pressure to their chest until they pass out. We're told teens do this in order to reach a high when blood flow returns to the brain, but other Stinnett residents like Susie Graves believe peer pressure is to blame.

"It's just such a dangerous thing that's going around," said Graves. "So many children, and preteens and teens handle the peer pressure by doing these things instead of walking away and saying 'no, that's pretty dumb.'"

Recent graduate Quinn Wilson said it can be a competition for the guys.

"Maybe to feel cool about themselves, maybe to see how long they last," said Wilson. "I think it's more just the testosterone, and maybe they just want to see how long they last and how long it takes them to pass out."

Stinnett Police Chief Wiley Wagner said thousands of kids die each year from playing this game, and the affect it could have on your health isn't worth the risk.

"Once you pass out, you don't have control of your body," said Wagner. "You fall, you hit your head, you might cause a brain bleed, you might cut a vital artery, you just don't know."

Wagner blames the internet for influencing the popularity of dangerous challenges like this one. When you search the challenge on YouTube, more than 10 million results pop up.     

"A lot of it's social media," said Wagner. "It's on there, 'hey this looks fun, or funny,' and then they're trying to cause a euphoric high without actually using drugs."

Wagner encourages parents to talk with their children about how dangerous "the pass out challenge" can be.

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