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Car theft spike raises concerns for Moore County residents

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

A recent spike of car thefts continues to raise concerns for Moore County residents.

Residents who live in Dumas describe the city as a secure community, which is why many were surprised when two cars were stolen from a home.

Early Monday morning, a citizen woke up to find two vehicles gone from her drive way.

It's been nearly two days since the theft and she says she is still in awe this happened to her.

She says the thieves didn't just take her cars, but they stole irreplaceable belongings.

The Moore County Sheriff's Department says this case is a good reminder for residents that these type of crimes can happen anywhere and to anyone.

"We kind of get a rash of them occasionally and a lot of them are transits people coming through," Sheriff Bo DeArmond said. "Most of the stolen vehicles are taken keys are left inside the vehicle or they are unlocked and open. Those vehicles become an easy pick for anyone to come in , grab them and take off."

Sheriff DeArmond says most car thefts happen during the night, but as summer approaches, more people will become active walking through parking lots and neighborhoods.

"With summer time weather people are going to be out, and that is one more reason why residents need to keep cars locked up because it is an opportunity crime and if thieves see the keys they will take it," DeArmond said.

If you see suspicious activity around your neighborhood Sheriff DeArmond encourages you to contact law enforcement.

"If you don't check them out that gives them more opportunity to do something," DeArmond said. "Let us know and we'll go check it out for you. If anything is out of the ordinary, and if you don't feel right call us."

You can contact the Moore County Sheriff office at 806-935-4145.

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