Large cat spotted in Miami

Large cat spotted in Miami
Source: Dusty Reins
Source: Dusty Reins

MIAMI, TX (KFDA) - The town of Miami is no stranger to wildlife encounters.

Surrounded by rough terrain and a small creek, residents of the town often see deer and coyotes roaming.

However, Monday morning one citizen noticed a fairly large cat moving through her neighbor's backyard.

She snapped a couple of pictures of the animal, and since then they have made their way on to social media where residents continue debating what type of cat it is.

"A lot of people say it's a bobcat, but there is a long tail that comes out and curves up. It's definitely a mountain lion if you look at all the features of it," Miami resident Danny Clark said.

"The body was too stocky. There wasn't a long tail and the ears were pointed. That's all the signs of a bobcat," Roberts County Sheriff Dana Miller said.

No matter what type of animal this large cat was, Sheriff Miller wants citizens to take caution and be aware of their surroundings.

He says back in March they found a dead deer by the side of the road.

They tracked foot prints and everything led them to believe a mountain lion attacked it.

"It was definitely a mountain lion kill," Miller said. "We found the tracks and everything, and we need to watch out especially people running early hours of the morning. If you are running around, to them you look like prey and they are going to come after you."

While the town prepares for a very active weekend with its annual Cow Call, Sheriff Miller wants to remind everyone bobcats and mountain lions for the most part are shy animals and will usually avoid human interaction.

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