How to protect against summer heat

How to protect against summer heat
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

There's no better way to beat the summer heat than heading to the pool.

But kids can get sun burnt very easily when the temperatures creep up.

Local doctors said you need to stock up on sunscreen before kids spend time outside this summer, and if you've been grocery shopping lately you've probably seen large displays of every type of sunscreen imaginable.

There's spray sunscreen, classic sun lotion, and even drinkable sunscreen.

While local pediatrician Dr. Mariada George said she doesn't trust the drinkable kind, any of your average options will do the job just fine.

Just take a look at the ingredients before you buy.

"You want to avoid the ingredient oxybenzone because there might be a hormonal effect," said George. "Other than that they're all just very slightly different. I have some patients who are allergic to some versions of sunscreen just because of some of the other additives, so if you find one that you like, go with it."

So, it doesn't really matter if you're going to go with a lotion that you rub in or a spray kind (which you also need to rub in).

Make sure you're buying a "broad spectrum" sunscreen that protects from two different types of UV rays emitted from the sun.

Don't go lower than SPF 25, said George, or higher than SPF 50.

She said anything higher than SPF 50 hasn't been proven to add any more sun protection.

"Please reapply, because once isn't enough," said George. "If you're going to be outdoors for three hours you apply maybe halfway through. If your kid comes out of the pool, dry them off, reapply."

Your skin isn't the only thing at risk in the heat.

Dehydration and heat strokes are common on hot days.

"Drink a bottle of water before you play your soccer game or your baseball or whatever and drink in between," said George. "Don't wait until you feel thirsty because by then you're already a little bit dehydrated."

Follow these tips to stay safe and have fun this summer!

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